Hair Removal Mode

The intense pulse light focused to damage the hair follicle and reduce hair growth. It leads to hair-free skin in just 12 weeks.

Skin Rejuvenation Mode

It help makes your skin to become firmer, tighter and look younger. It works in reducing appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and shallow scarring.

Full Body Hair Removal

A full body treatment in just 10 min. It Removes Hair from Arm, Face, Lip, Armpit, Leg, and Bikinline.

Adjustment Settings

Different settings power for different type of skin. Choose from 8 level of intensity for better hair removal.

Automatic Memory

Lumino IPL devices adapts to your skin and memorise your settings after the first use. No need to adjust it again!

German Technology

The light filter made from german Schott BF33 glass with advanced technology. It helps filter harmful light and easy to break.

8 Intensity Level for a variety of skin types

Choose between 8 intensity level for more comfortable and quick hair removal effect

Comfortable & Easy to Use

Erggonamic Boday Design and silky touch technolgy for comfortable use. Also feature LCD screen and two button control.

Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation Mode

Highlight key information to make people quickly impressed by your product

Manual & Automatic Flash

Choose the appropriate mode according to the depilation needs of each part


Lumino IPL Hair Removal Device Smoothskin



12 weeks of treatment leads to 90% hair-free in treated areas. Each session can take up to 10 min that will cause hair getting softer, thinner, smaller, and eventually leading to hair-free skin.

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Lumino Mini IPL Hair Removal Device Smoothskin

Small & Portable


Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation in one device that will make your skin silky.

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Get Results in 8 Weeks

Lumino IPL Under Arms Before Treatment  Lumino IPL Under Arms After Treatment

Session 1-2

Begin treatment at an intensity level that you find comfortable. As early as your second session you may start to notice hair starting to fall out.


Lumino IPL Leg Treatment Before  Lumino IPL Leg Treatment Before

Session 3-4

By the third and fourth session you will likely notice the hair growth having come to a halt. Minimal growth may still be happening but the hair will progressively get thinner and take longer to grow.


Lumino IPL Thick Leg Hair Before Treatment

  Lumino IPL Thick Leg Hair After Treatment

Session 5-6

You should continue your treatments until you are completely hair free in the target areas. A complete 10 to 12 consecutive are recommended for lasting results.


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